Concrete polishing project in Stockport, Cheshire

Concrete polishing in residential homes is becoming more and more popular.  Many designers are been asked to provide these types of floor in homes and the work place.

Concrete polishing stockport can help provide these floor due and with their bespoke characteristics and unique looks, polished concrete floors are becoming very popular around manchester and cheshire.

Concrete floor can be polished to 3 different finishes. Minimal aggregate showing,  slight aggregate which is know as salt and pepper look or full exposure which is sometime referred to as a terrazzo look polished concrete.

The spec on this project was to create a full exposure of the aggregate with a low to satin shine.  Does to the amount of concrete that required grinding to exposure the aggregate we needed to cut very deep to achieve this.

Polishing concrete in stcokport

Stockport concrete floor polishers

On this projet we chose to use HTC super flook equipment.   This machine is very heavy and the diamond concrete tooling allows the concrete floor to be cut deep and level. Also using a super vac, dust is keep to a minimum which is a requirement when working in a working home environment.

Company to polish concrete

Manchester polishing concrete company

Once the concrete floor is diamond ground it can be cleaned down and the it is ready for the polish process.  As this floor required a satin finish the floor was only taken to a level 4.  After level 2 we density the floor which make it much hard and resistant to foot traffic and staining.

Concrete polishing manchester

Manchester concrete floor polisher

Once we take the floor through the polishing stage and finish and a satin level the floor has wonderfull finish.  All the aggregate is exposed and the colours in the chipping all come through.

If you a have a concrete flook and require it to be polished, please feel free to call martin on 07884472149 or email

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