Black & White Quarry Til Cleaning – Lymm Chehsire

Quarry tiles are a very popular floor and have been used for years a decorative floor.  Thy are very hard wear but can be porous and dirt can build up over time.  This requires deep cleaning with a professional machine and products to help bring the tiles back to life.




2016-01-06 14.24.25


TO deep clean the tiles we use Tile Master Cleaner No3.  This is a very effective cleaner at removing years of built up dirt and grease.  We also use the TileMaster machine.  As it is square, we can get into all the corners and places that’s round buffing machines can not.


2016-01-06 14.31.05.jpg

Once the product has had time to dwell, you can then all the dirt that has been lifted to the surface and ready to be removed by our high power extraction machine.




2016-01-06 14.34.38.jpg


Check out this video showing the floor been cleaned and sealed


About imperialfloorcare

Imperial Floor Care is a family run business which offers unequalled services for Marble Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Limestone and Travertine Cleaning and all with our 100% money back guarantee
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