Travertine floor clean, filling and sealing Chelford, Cheshire

Travertine floors can be very beautiful but once they start the wear and get dirty they look like tired and unsightly.  Often travertine becomes very pitted and has lots of holes.


This travertine tiled floor in Chelford, Cheshire, was suffering from the following issues.
1 – a built up of dirt and grease
2 – a number of hair line cracks
3 – large number of holes and pits
4 – limited to no seal left on tiles or grout.

The customer required the floor deep cleaning, filling and resealing to a satin finish to make the floor look great again.

To restore the travertine, first the floor needs to be deep cleaned and all the grease and dirt removed from the tiles.  This then allows you to see what you are dealing with and all the holes are cleaned, prepared and ready for filler.  To clean kitchen  tiles we have found the TILE MASTER CLEANER NO3 is perfect for the job. 


Travertine floor with holes and cracks

To fill the holes, first they need to be compeltely dry and then using tile master travertine repair resin, the holes can filled.  The filler is a two part polyester resin, in a cream/ straw colour.  This blends in perfected with the tiles and matches great with factory fills.  Its also a very hard stone glue and bonds very well with the tile for long lasting repairs.

Once the floor is deep cleaned and filled it can then be sealed.  Using Tile Master All In One Water Based Sealer, we apply 2 coats.  This seals the grout perfectly and the travertine to make it all oil and water repellent. 

You can see the effect of this seal on the video below.

Once sealed the floor is buffed off and you can see the wonder finish that is left.



If you are looking for advice or help with you travertine floor please feel free to contact me at or call on 0161 465 0688 or direct on 07884472149

Please see out website for more manchester polishing jobs in Manchester

He’s a quick video of our marble polishers in prestbury cheshire

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