Removing grout haze from polished marble in Prestbury

Recently Imperial Floor Care were asked to come and resolve some issues on a marble floor in Prestbury, just outside of Cheshire.  The marble floor had a number of issues including scrathes, acid damage, chemical damage and gernal wear and tear from builders after installation.  The floor also had a large amount of grout resiude on that had been left from the tilers.

The customer requirement were simple, he wanted his floor back that he had purchased.  as expected he was very disspointed with the way it had been left, and due to the fact there been nearly 400sqm of stone across the floors and wall, this was not a quite simply restoration task.

Imperial Floor care set out to do a full inpection of the floor and wall and gave a free demontration, so the customer could confirm this was the finish he was looking for.  Following the approval of this, we set out to set some time aside from our busy schedule and plan the works in.

marble floor with grout haze

marble floor with fish tank

Some furniture had already been moved into the house, so this was required to be moved out so that the areas underneath could be cleaned, polished and seal.

The floor required a deep clean to help remove the ingrained dirt and grout haze and residue that was on the surface.  The floor then need a diamond polish to help remove the damage the restore the shine to the tiles.  Some chemical damage was too great and as a result, we had to grind these areas and cut past the damage.  This is done using diamond polishing and abrasive pads.  A big like wood sanding you have different grits and this make the floor smoother and smoother each grit to go through.  in turn a wonder shin is created.

We use heave Italian grinders to get better down pressure for a more even finish.  the process is done wet but is controlled by wet vacuums to ensure no mess is made.  this also stops any dust.

marble floor cheshire polish

Marble floor been polished by floor buffing machined

Once the floor has been sealed and had its fine polish, you can see it had a wonder finish and perfect flat and consistent finish.  The seal stops all water and oil based stains soaking into the floor and making it look unsightly.  Also the grout and tiles will be much easier to keep clean and mop on a weekly basis.

see below for the finished results.  for more information on how to polish marble or remove damage, polishing products and a site survey, please contact our office on 0161 4314743 or call 07884472149

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marble polishing in bramhall

Bramhall polishing a marble floor

mabrle hallway polishing alderly edge

marble hallway polishing alderly edge

polished marble tile marks

polished marble tile marks

marble polishing products manchester

marble polishing products manchester

marble living area shiny floor marks

marble living area shiny floor marks

marble staircase polishing and grinding

marble staircase polishing and grinding in cheshire at a house in prestbury

marble bedroom polishing and grinding

marble bedroom polishing and #grinding

dull spot on marble floor in kitchen

dull spot on marble floor in kitchen

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