Concrete Polishing Manchester

concrete polishing has start to be come very popular in the uk, due to the recent popularity on design shows like “Grand Designs”.   Concrete floor give a very hard wearing durable finish, and with the rent improvements of mirco topping concrete mixes, customer can have very consistent looking floors.

There are two ways you can approach a concrete job.  the first is where you grind the current existing concrete floor.  This is very popular in factory or warehouse floors. This gives a very hard wearing finish that is perfect for fort lift trucks and the daily spill and wear a factory floor of the down sides to this is that the customer can not chose the aggregate colour or density, as they got what they were given when the floor was first poured many years ago.  Secondly, because the floor was often not vibrated, the concrete often has cracks that require filling and these can look unsightly.  Not the best for a polished concrete floor in a domestic environment.  how ever these floor can be colour and nurtured to give a wonder finish, with the use of concrete dies and colours.  At imperial floor care we use klindex equipment and he you can see the equipment in action and the results it can achieve.

The second is micro topping products.   This is where you pour a new layer on concrete over the existing surface to create a more uniform and bespoke look.  This allows the customer to choose the aggregate and colour.  you get a more uniform finish and now with new mirco toppers, you can achieve excellent gloss readings.  If done correctly you avoid cracking and get a beautiful finish.  see below for some example of current mirco toppers

concrete slab polishing Manchester northwest grind and pour concrete

concrete slab polishing Manchester northwest grind and pour concrete

concrete floor polishing

concrete floor polishing

concrete floor polishing

concrete floor polishing

concrete floor polishing manchester with microtopper

concrete floor polishing with microtopper

About imperialfloorcare

Imperial Floor Care is a family run business which offers unequalled services for Marble Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Limestone and Travertine Cleaning and all with our 100% money back guarantee
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