How to Remove a scratches from my travertine and marble tile floor – DIY scratch removal kit

Scratches can pop up every now and then on your travertine, limestone and marble floor.

These can be caused by furniture been dragged across your floor tiles, or from grit present on the floor or vernal wear and tear.

The only way to remove scratches is to cut pasted the damage, sand the tile smooth away and then sand or polishes the tile to the correct grit to achieve the same finish as your current marble or travertine tiles. This process can also be used to remove acid etch marks or dull spots in your marble floor, tables or worktops. These dull stains are caused by acid drinks like orange juice or wine that burn tiny pin pricks into your natural stone tiles and leave the effected area looking dull.

Marble, limestone and travertine repair pads are availed from the tile

They sell diamond hand pads and DIY kits for repair your stone scratches and etch and dull spots. They also do a professional range of diamond pads tiler and people who have a hand polishing manchine.


To solve this diamond pads are required to be use. The following grits provide the results as detailed below.

200 grit – Hand diamond pad
Strength – This very aggressive and remove deep marks and scratches

Finish on stone -Will leave your stone looking very dull and slightly rough.

400 grit – Hand Diamond Pad
Strength -Less aggressive and remove most house hold marks, dull spot, acid makes, ring marks and light to medium scratches.

Finish on stone – will leave a dull, none reflective finish. Many travertine and marbles are sold as a dull hone.

800 Grit – Hand diamond Pad
Strength – You are not polishing the stone rather than grinding and refinishing it. This will remove very light damage and surface marks

Finish on stone – this will leave a nice satin finish with a very slight shine. The colour may not be back the same as your other tiles at this point so a colour enhancer my be required.

1500 grit – hand diamond pad
Strength – very fine grit will remove virtually no damage
Finish on stone – this will polish your tile further and create a nice high shine. This grit prepares your marble and travertine for polishing

Final polishing Stage – use a small amount of polish powder to pop the final shine on your tiles.

All of the above are availed from the tile This is where we purchase a lot of our polishing pads and equipment.

If you need any more advise please call me on 07884472149 (martin) or email me

I will be happy to advise on any problems you have with stone or marble polishing and sealing.



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