How to clean black mouldy grout in shower

This picture below shows a very common problem in most house hold bathrooms. Over time your tile grout becomes very discoloured, and dirty from body fats, shampoos and other contaminants like fake tan and hair die.  As your tiles are none pourous, if ceramic or porcelain, the tile wont soak up the dirt or stains.  As your grout is very prourous, they soak up all tue stains amd trap the dirt like a spong.
The picture shows a typical house bathroom with black and discoloured grout and silicon


Cleaning these tiles and grout alone may not always solve tye issues. If the grout is to badly stained the black marks and tanning agents in hair dye and fake tan cam cause perminate staining.   The only way to resolve this used to be to rake out the grout and replace it with new.

Now our new grout colour sealer can renovate your grout to a like new condition. Use a high quailty sealer which contains colour pigmants, it recolours your grout back to its original colour. Dirty old stained white grout, cam now be returned to brand new brilliant white again.
The added benifit is that your grout become sealed and non pourous, making it stay clean for years to come.  The colour seal provided a protective barrier for the grout that stops any stains soaking in.  Also the grout is much easier to clean and stops all the mould and black returning.

The after results a simply brilliant and the bathrooms look like new again, but stay looking like that for years to come.  If the grout was replaced, 2 years later the grout would be dirty again amd require ripping out.


This bathroom was restored in only half a day and the customer was over the moon. If you are int


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