Travertine Floor Cleaning Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester

Travertine Floor have become very common over the last few year, due to its wonderful natural looks and its versatility.  At this house in Cheadle, Stockport, Tumbled travertine had been laid and over time had become very dirty.  Due to the large number of pits present in these tiles, when the floor was mopped, the dirt simply was pushed around and collected in the pits and grout lines.

Travertine Floor Cleaning Cheadle, Stockport

Travertine floor picture before cleaning takes place in Cheadle, stockport

To clean these travertine tiles in Cheadle, Stockport, Imperial Floor Care have a very unique system that’s, cleans, refinishes and polishes the tiles in one simple step.

Break Down of the 3 in one Process.

PROCESS 1 – The CLEANING STAGE, this involves applying the highest quality natural stone cleaner available on the market.  To achieve optimum results, first time every times, Imperial floor car always use the strongest available dilution rate.  most products dilute, 1-3, 1-10, 1-30 ect.  Many companies try to save on chemical costs buy using higher dilution rates.  This often leads to poor results and the stone floor cleaning company then makes excuses saying that the floor is stained for ever or similar comments.  What they really mean is they could not be bothered to use a stronger product and repeat the cleaning process to achieve better results. Imperial Floor Care simple use the strongest dilution rates of the most advanced products, leaving the floor at it cleanest state possible.

3 in one process working to remove the dirt

This process shows the travertine floor with solution applied

PROCESS 2 – The REFINISHING STAGE, This stage involves taking a microscopic layer off the tiles to bring back a new layer.  Quite simply, we using diamond abrasive pads to, that grind/sand off a very small layer of your tiles.  this layer is about 100th of a millimetre.  This very small amount, is just enough to remove small scratches, etch marks and damage, and leave wonderful new finish, making your tiles look like new.  Depending on the damage these diamond pads can be more or less aggressive.    This grinding process all complements the cleaning process, as you can image, whilst your tiles are been refinished all the surface dirt is been removed and the bond been broken between the tile and the dirt.  This stage will also restore the natural colour back into the tiles as in the picture below.

Process 3 – The POLISHING STAGE – This stage involved the diamonds once again.  As well as refinishing your tiles, the diamond also alter the surface of the tile.  Depending of the pad/grit, a different level of shine can be achieved.  By altering the travertine tiles surface and making it smoother, the tiles become shinier.  This has many added benefits.  As we create the shine on your tiles by mechanical altering the tile, rather than applying a seal that sit on top to make the floor shine, your tiles have a much tougher, hard wearing finish.  Another benefit is that the diamonds actually close up the surface tension of your tiles.  This closes up the pours and helps with the sealing process, to make a much more stain resistant tiles and keeping it cleaner for longer.

AS you can see from the picture below, the results are great, first time every time

floor with amazing results

This picture shows the travertine floor where a section has been cleaned and the original area remains

Once the floor is cleaned, we then continue to move through the polishing pads to apply the shine of choice.  Every customer would like their own personally finish on their floor, to match the character of the house.  Imperial Floor Care can achieve any finish from a dull, smooth finish, to a wonderful mirror finish and anything in between.

Once the shine of choice has been applied to the floor, using only diamonds and water, the floor is then ready for sealing.  Sealing the floor involves applying the high quality solvent based impregnator to product the travertine floor from oil and water based stains.  Once sealed corrected, water should ball up onto of the tiles and sit on top.  If it still soaks in, this would suggest that more seal is required.

The pictures below show the floor once it has been finished.

travertine floor after picture

This is the travertine floor after the restoration project

The floor as a wonderful, flat and consistent finish

after picture of family room

after picture of family room

cleaning after pic

after picture of hall way

Travertine Floor in Cheshire after restoration

Travertine Floor in Cheshire after restoration

For more information on stone cleaning, including York Flag Stone, Slate, Marble, Quarry Tiles, Travertine and Limestone in Manchester or Cheshire, please call our office on 0161 431 4743 or for technical advice, contact martin on 07884472149 or

Check out our tile and grout cleaning page on our website, for a full list of surfaces that we clean.

About imperialfloorcare

Imperial Floor Care is a family run business which offers unequalled services for Marble Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Limestone and Travertine Cleaning and all with our 100% money back guarantee
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