How to Repair Cracks in a Travertine Floor

Travertine often cracks due to bad fitting, underfloor heating or weak points in the tile its self, possibly from natural veins or Pitts. Cracked travertine tiles often look unsightly and can ruin the flow of a gorgeous entrance hall or kitchen floor.

Sometimes movement in the substrate can cause a number of tiles to crack together in a row. These can easily fill with dirt and dust and ruin the look of a floor, as in the picture below.


The first rule when repairing cracks is not to use grout. Grout is porous and will become dirty with in a few week. It may Look great at first but once the ivory grout turns grey and dirty it will
Make your crack look even worse than before. As if your floor is polished, grout is not polishable and will remain dull, making the grout stand out.

You can see the effect of ivory grout been used to repair the below cracks in this travertine floor.


To repair a crack, specialist stone fillers should be used. These can be colour matched to match your tile perfectly. These often come in 1 litre tubs which will fill hundreds of holes and cracks. For filling a small crack only a very small amount is needed.


If you visit The Tile Master, their online shop sells small hole and crack repair kits.. They will also tell you the methodology of how to repair your holes and cracks.  They also sell a full range of product to clean and restore you stone floor.

With the correct methodology and a few simple tools, amazing results can be achieved. Once the old dirty grout had been removed from the picture above, our specialist colour matched stone fillers were then applied to the travertine crack. Once the fillers had cured, the excess was removed to make the fill smooth. The results were as below.


Once all the cracks and holes were repaired we then continued to diamond grind the floor and polish it up to a wonderful finish. With the cracks repaired and the floor polished up, once again this floor had that wonderful flat finish, where the floor flows as one. As you can imagine, the customers we extremely pleased with the end result.

For any further advice on cracks your tiles, fireplaces, tables or worktops, please do not hesitate to contact Martin Shelley on 0161 431 4743 or 07884472149 or email at

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