Limestone Cleaning And Sealing, Bramhall, Cheshire, how to cleaning limestone

Limestone is often very porous when newly laid, and if not sealed properly during installation can act like a sponge, soaking up all the dirt and drinks spill that touch it. The floor in the picture below was only 2 years old, but had become very dirty in that short time. The limestone floor was also textured and due to wear had a large amount of pitting, which acted as perfect pours for the dirt to build up in.


Unfortunately for the customer, mopping allow would not clean this floor. It needed professional attention by our team of experienced restorers. Using a very strong pre spray solution, it was sprayed on and left to dwell for at 30 mins. The solution worked away at breaking the bond between the dirt and the tiles and grout. Also we used one of our very unquie systems, to mechanically refinish the tiles and the grout at the same time. Our brush plates, which are impregnated with abrasive material, very gently removes the top layer of the tile and grout (1/32 of a mil) and helps remove scratches and etch marks, as well as deep cleaning the tiles.
All the dirt is then removed using our high heat pressure rinse, leaving wonderfully clean and refinished tiles and grout behind.



The floor was then left over night to completely dry before we return and applied an impregnating sealer. We used the highest quality flourochemical sealer to produced the best results to protect the floor against oil and water based staining. 2 coats were applied and then tested to check the limestone tiles were repelling water. The pictures below shows the test results



Sealing floors correctly is very important for the customer as it helps them to maintain the floor easily and to keep it looking great for many many months to come. When the floor was completely dry, the floor was given a final buff and we carried out our final inspection with the customer to ensure compete satisfaction. As you can see the from the final picture, the customer was over the moon with the results.


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