Travertine polishing Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport

Travertine is one of the most popular natural stones on the Market today. This is due to it’s low price and natural look. Unfortunately travertine is not the most hard waring and once laid many problems can arise. If not sealed properly the travertine will stain easily and the travertine floor can become unsightly and very patchy.

Travertine can come in a range of finishes included honed, tumbled and polished to name a few.

On this job in Worsley, Manchester, the floor was honed and resin filled. As the floor had been down whilst building work continued, the floor had become dirty and very dusty, losing it’s natural shine and beauty. Also the floor had been sealed badly, and large Amounts of residue left on the surface. This gave the floor a very patchy appearance as per the picture below.


To resolve this problem the seal had to be stripped back and completely removed. Once the seal was removed the floor could then be refinished and restored back to the customers desired finish. To do this a process using very complex diamond pads of different grits are used. This is know as diamond floor polishing.

These pads are very effective at refinishing stone and can created wonderful finishes on the travertine floor. Once finished the floor looks as below



Once polished the floor was then sealed using Lithofin Stain Stop. To remove any excess seal the travertine floor was the buffed again using a special pad and the wonderful finish remains and the floor is now protected.

For any further information on travertine polishing in the Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire area, please visit our website or call 0161 431 4743

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