How To Clean Your Marble Floor – Stain Removal

How do I remove spot and spill stains from my tiles?

Spot and spill stains need to be tackled as soon as they happen. More abrasive stains like coca cola, which contain acid properties will eat into your stone and cause an etch mark. If your stone is polished a dull patch will be left. The tiles should be cleaned with gentle, acid free product when ever a stain appears or on a day to day basis. Many tile shops stock these items. If you are mopping your tiles on a day to day basis and still can not shift stubborn stains, stronger solutions can be purchased. Ensure these are suitable for your floor, if not the results could be catastrophic. If the stains still remain, seek professional advice. Visit

marble floor

Marble floor with stains

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4 Responses to How To Clean Your Marble Floor – Stain Removal

  1. Vic Lees says:

    I have a red wine stain on my marble floor

    Do you have any suggestions of how I can get this stain off.

    Thanks Vik

    • Hi Vic

      Yea there are a number of ways to remove the red wine stain. Has the stain been on the floor for a long period of time and have you used and chemicals or solution to try and clean it

      Also is your floor sealed or not.

      • Vic Lees says:

        The floor was sealed when it was laid but that was a few years ago. The stain was left over night and I cleaned it in the morning with just water. I did try a stone cleaner from topps tiles but it has not really made much difference.

      • Ok. It sounds like your seal / impregnator has probably faded now due to the length of time is was applied.

        As long as the stone cleaner from Topps is Fila and say it is appropriate for your stone, try leaving this on for 10 mins to let the product do it’s work. Don’t let it dry in thought and rinse throughly with water once solution is removed.

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