Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning – Stockport – Feb 2017

Tile Master stockport we asked to deep clean some quarry tiles in Cheadle, Stockport.


The customers requirement was to deep clean the tiles.  Remove the old sealer and re seal the floor using a satin finish.

TileMaster have a large range of products and machines to deal with quarry tile floor like this.  Using our specialist cleaning system, we are apply to deep clean to tiles & grout, including grout restorer pre-spray, power scrub and high heat pressure rinse, plus application of highest quality sealer available on the market today.  Once the floor has full stain protection, tile master apply a wax dressing to add lust and brightness to the floor. This makes it easier to maintain and keeps the floor looking cleaner for longer

victorian quarry tile cleaning

quarry tile cleaning stockport

Once the floor had been deep cleaned and seal, you can see the wonderful colour that are now back in the floor and it is back to its former glory.


If you have a Victorian quarry tiled floor and would interested in getting it cleaned, please feel free to contact us on 0161 444 0377 or visit our website, http://www.thetilemaster.co.uk


Check out this Limestone patio we recently restored on the link below.   http://www.tilemasterfloorcare.co.uk/news?post=507


black limestone patio removal

remove black algae from limestone patio

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Concrete polishing project in Stockport, Cheshire

Concrete polishing in residential homes is becoming more and more popular.  Many designers are been asked to provide these types of floor in homes and the work place.

Concrete polishing stockport can help provide these floor due and with their bespoke characteristics and unique looks, polished concrete floors are becoming very popular around manchester and cheshire.

Concrete floor can be polished to 3 different finishes. Minimal aggregate showing,  slight aggregate which is know as salt and pepper look or full exposure which is sometime referred to as a terrazzo look polished concrete.

The spec on this project was to create a full exposure of the aggregate with a low to satin shine.  Does to the amount of concrete that required grinding to exposure the aggregate we needed to cut very deep to achieve this.

Polishing concrete in stcokport

Stockport concrete floor polishers

On this projet we chose to use HTC super flook equipment.   This machine is very heavy and the diamond concrete tooling allows the concrete floor to be cut deep and level. Also using a super vac, dust is keep to a minimum which is a requirement when working in a working home environment.

Company to polish concrete

Manchester polishing concrete company

Once the concrete floor is diamond ground it can be cleaned down and the it is ready for the polish process.  As this floor required a satin finish the floor was only taken to a level 4.  After level 2 we density the floor which make it much hard and resistant to foot traffic and staining.

Concrete polishing manchester

Manchester concrete floor polisher

Once we take the floor through the polishing stage and finish and a satin level the floor has wonderfull finish.  All the aggregate is exposed and the colours in the chipping all come through.

If you a have a concrete flook and require it to be polished, please feel free to call martin on 07884472149 or email martin@tilemaster.co.uk

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Can All Concrete be Polished in Manchester

​Generally all solid and structurally sound concrete flooks can be polished.  The only problem is, whether is can yield te results that you desire.  Depending in the mix, the type if aggregate and tmhow tue concrete has been pours and process after laying, generally determine the result that can be achieved.  If the concrete is new or old it can be polished but again depending on the look required it’s not always possible to achieve the required finish.

Polished concrete sample patch on warehouse floor

Concrete polishing in stockport warehouse floor

For example we recently looked at a job in manchester,cheshire where the requirement was for highest shine possible but with minimal exposure. Unfortunately this project needed a compromise.  Due to the unevenness off the floor and the amount of power trowel marks the surface was rough.  You can polish and rough surface but the only way to do it is to cut passed all the rough parts to get a smooth finish that can then be polished.  So why is this a problem.  Well cutting deep will reveal and exposure aggregate which is not wanted.  This customer has agreed that the shine was more important and some exposure is fine.  Next week we will carry out and sample patch to achieve a quailty point for the project to move forward. 

Concrete Polishing on new floors

New floor required around 28 days before you can start work on them.  We recommond a minimum of c35 grade and specify the installation to be a smooth as possible to aid the polishing process and also help create the best possible final result.

Concrete polishing on old or existing floors

These often require extra prep work before the concrete polishing process start.  We made need to remove old paint or coating and heavy build up of dirt ad foot traffic. Also floors that are very wavy, cracked or soft and sandy are not alway the best to polish and may require desification and extra cure to get a decent finish out of them. We happy to access the floor and check it’s suitable to polishing.  We also offer test sample patches in manchester and cheshire so you can see the result on your floor.  

Polishing a concrete floor in manchester

Manchester concrete polishing

If you are looking to have a concrete floor polishing in machester, cheshire, Hale,  bowden or stockport ares please feel free to contact our office or call martin direct on 07884472149

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How to deep clean Limestone Floors – Bramhall

Limestone Floor can over build up with dirt from foot traffic and general wear and tear. 

Limestone and all natural stone require maintenace every bow and then just like your car has an MOT and service.  A deep clean and top up of sealer will help keep your floors looking great for many years. 

Floor cleaners in stockport

Floor cleaning company in Bramhall stockport

Here you can see the FREE test patch we carried out for the customer to show the results we can achieve.  From this the customer was happy to proceed with the work and a full deep clean, and matt or natural finish sealer was applied.  

To clean the tiles we used you tilemaster cleaner no3.  This a great product to remove dirt and grease that as buit up on the tiles and grout joints. Using our specials cleaning machine, as it is square it gets into all the corners and edges but as it oscillates it does not splash on furniture and skirting

Grout cleaning company stockport

Grout cleaning in stockport

To help deep clean the grout and tile we also use out specialist high heat and high pressure rinse.  This process blast away the dirt and vacumms it back to a machine on the van.  

Once all the floor is cleaned,we apply a sealer to make it oil and water repellent.  The customer was also left with the correct cleaner so the floor is maintained correctly and stays looking good for many years. 

Half way through cleaning limestone

Limestone tile picture during clean

After picture of limestone tile cleaner stockport

After picture of limestone tile cleaner stockport

Bramhall tile cleaning limestone

Bramhall tile cleaning limestone

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How to remove a stain from cheshire Marble

Marble floors are wonderful but can become stained and require maintenace from time to time.  There are a number of things that can effect the shine or look of your marble floor.  Below I will detail the most common problems and explain a little about them.   I will also try and put together a series of blog posts to explain the problems and issues with the tiles in more detail.  

The most common problems with stockport floors are, etch mark or acid damage, organic stains, oil stains, scratch and traffic wear.  

These problems can happen more often depending on household traffic, lifestyle and how you protect and maintain your floor.  

Below is an example of an acid etch mark 

Many people believe that acid damage is a stain but this is not true.  The etch mark is simply where the acid has burnt into the tile and caused tiny pin pricks in the floor and it makes the tile rougher.  As a result the light can not bounce off the tile as it does around the acid etch mark and makes it as the picture, a dull spot.  the only way to remove this is to sand the tile smooth again using diamonds pads.  Until you cut past the damage and make the area smooth, the light will never bouce of the tile in the same way as it should.  
Once polished and restored the floor will look like below.

  1. I have also detailed some more pictures showing how the marble floor looks when it’s polished 


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Imperial Floor Care – how to clean your stone flags in Stockport, Cheshire

Below you can see a video of how were clean your stone flags.  Imperial floor care use Tile Master products and on this floor we used cleaner number 3.  This is conjunction with a specialist abrasive brushes and pads allow us to deep clean York and sandstone floor and remove years of built up dirt and soils.

Once all the dirt is broken down we use a specialist cleaning machine that rinses the floor using high pressure and high heat.     The blasts all the dirt away and it gets vacuumed back to a tank on our van.  This is the most effective way to strip and deep clean only flag stone floor with out making any mess.

Below you can also see the job from different stages and this highlights how much dirt can be removed with the correct product, machinery and training.

York Stone Cleaning Marple

York Stone Floor Cleaning Marple Stockport


If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team on the details below.  You can also visit our main website by click the link below

Imperial Floor Care Website

Phone: 0161 465 0688

Fax: 0161 431 4743

Address: Imperial House, Brook Street Industrial Estate, Hazel Grove, Stockport,

Email: vik@imperialfloorcare.co.uk

did you now we also clean travertine floors in and around st0ckport, Manchester and Cheshire.  Click here to see a recent project

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Black & White Quarry Til Cleaning – Lymm Chehsire

Quarry tiles are a very popular floor and have been used for years a decorative floor.  Thy are very hard wear but can be porous and dirt can build up over time.  This requires deep cleaning with a professional machine and products to help bring the tiles back to life.




2016-01-06 14.24.25


TO deep clean the tiles we use Tile Master Cleaner No3.  This is a very effective cleaner at removing years of built up dirt and grease.  We also use the TileMaster machine.  As it is square, we can get into all the corners and places that’s round buffing machines can not.


2016-01-06 14.31.05.jpg

Once the product has had time to dwell, you can then all the dirt that has been lifted to the surface and ready to be removed by our high power extraction machine.




2016-01-06 14.34.38.jpg


Check out this video showing the floor been cleaned and sealed


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